Comstock, the local poet and poetry teacher, comments positively on some stories that the Daughter has written recently. With his encouragement, she decides to become a professional writer.

Ranking: Edit

Beta version: "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own."

Refine: "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..."

Stat Requirements

Intelligence = At least 300

Art = At least 80

Additional InformationEdit

Winning the Art Festival isn't required but it helps. Winning gives you a item called the Master Brush, which increases Art Skill +50. It was once believed that merely having an Art Brush locked the Daughter in an Artist, Writer or Dancer ending, but that has been dispelled: to be a Writer the Daughter needs a combination of high Art, high Intelligence, and reaching at least B level in Poetry classes. If she has these three requirements, she may become a Writer even without having a Brush.

If the Daughter's Intelligence isn't high enough, she will become a Dancer or an Artist, depending on what classes she took and the festivals she attends.

She will be more successful if she has really high Sensitivity, preferently over 300. This will lead her to write an incredibly beautiful novel, whose plot she's been creating ever since childhood, that becomes a classic for the ages. She also becomes one of the most remembered authors of the country.

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