The War God Sword is a special sword in Princess Maker 2. It raises combat attack by 30 points and

War God Sword
A sword worthy of gods!
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects Combat Attack +30, Combat Skill +20
Source War God
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 2500 G

combat skill by 20 points.

How to Obtain Edit

The war god sword is got by defeating the War God. He is a formidable opponent . Even with good equipment and combat skill and attack maxed out, he can severely hurt Olive and win most battles. So it takes a while to get this.

Notes Edit

This is basically a straight up upgrade over the katana. This sword is hands down the best for raising your melee attack. The boost to combat skill also helps, though by the time you get it your combat skill will be pretty high. Finally, it's not made of iron.

Valkria's sword is better for raising overall fighter reputation and combat defense, but it has lower combat attack and skill boosts.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of five weapons that doesn't count as iron.
  • Mad Eddy's sells a war god sword with altered stats. It raises +88 combat attack and +20 combat skill points.

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