Venus Jewels
Venus Jewels
Vital statistics
Type Jewelry
Effects +20 Charisma, + 20 Refinement
Source Traveling Salesman
Cost to buy 1500 G
Cost to sell 750 G
The Venus Jewels is a necklace once worn by a goddess (Venus). It is said to bring luck and will ensure the wearer becomes beautiful. It raises Charisma by 20 points and Refinement by 20 points.

How to ObtainEdit

It can be purchased from the Traveling Salesman. He first appears when you have 1000 G or more and there's no events triggered at the end of the month.  It costs 1500 G.

Notes Edit

The venus jewels are potentially the most powerful item sold by the travelling salesman. Every single birthday it boosts three stats, Charisma, Refinement and Sensitivity by Olive's current age. That's a potential 116 stat point increase for 3 stats, for a total boost of 348 stat points. The best part is that there's no stat penalties, and since it boosts 3 stats at once it reduces the risk of Sensitivity becoming the highest stat.

There are some caveats to consider though:

  • The bonuses are incremental, and only come once in a year. This means that the stat boosts won't make a noticeable difference at first.
  • Getting this early on theoretically lets you utilize the full potential of its bonuses, but in practice you will be reliant on part time jobs at the time to raise vital stats or earn money. So the actual benefits of the bonuses are negated a bit.
  • It's unlikely that at age 10 you'll have 1500 G to pay for the item, and even if you do, the money is probably better spent on classes or on cheaper items the salesman offers.
  • If Olive runs away on her birthday month, the bonus will not trigger for that year. That's a loss of both time and potential stat points. Be extra careful if Sensitivity is the highest stat and you own the venus jewels.

Uses Edit

  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price you bought it for.
  • A better use of the Venus Jewels is buying it as soon as possible in order to be blessed by the Spirit of the Venus Jewels.

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