One of three bandits in the game, Venezaro hides out in the Eastern Forest. He is a wanted criminal with a 500G bounty on his head. He has a hideout that can only be accessed through a passage within one of the swamps.

Fighter StatisticsEdit

HP: 319
MP: 0
Morale: 850

Not a tough fighter by any means, Venezaro's only notable aspect is his rather high health, especially in comparison to most other enemies in the forest. He does also have significant morale, much like the other two bandits.

More InfoEdit

Venezaro is not always easy to catch. Even if you find a way to his hideout he isn't always there.

If you do encounter him, he'll pay you 80G to pretend you never saw him. You can either accept the offer or refuse. If you accept, your daughter's Sin will go up 50 points. If you refuse you must fight him.

If your daughter has low Charisma he will just leave her be if she should lose a fight against him. If she has 100+ Charisma he will assault her. This event raises her relationship with Cube.


If you beat him you win 30G and a suit of leather armor that Venezaro was wearing. Later you will recieve a 500G reward and your Fighter Rep will go up 30 points.

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