Unicorn Flute
Unicorn Flute
Vital statistics
Type Decoration
Effects None
Source Traveling Salesman
Cost to buy 1000 G
Cost to sell 500 G
The Unicorn Flute is made from the horn of a unicorn. On its own it does nothing.

How to ObtainEdit

It can be purchased from the Traveling Salesman. He first appears when you have 1000 G or more, as long as no events are triggered at the end of the month.  It costs 1000 G.

Notes Edit

The unicorn horn's use is a bit too obscure. You need to find the right spot to rest, which is only hinted at by a misleading sign. Then you need to "use" it while resting, and even then there's no indication that you've used it right.

If you figure out all of this, the flute can be traded for 50 points of Sensitivity. It's not much compared to the benefits of some other items the travelling salesman offers. There's no hidden bonus either to compensate.

The unicorn flute is one of the cheapest items the salesman offers, and you're guaranteed to afford it on his first visit. This means that it's useful for winning the cooking contest early, provided you can get 1000 G before Olive's first or second chance at attending the harvest festival. It's not worth taking on his later visits since you can buy more beneficial items by then.

3 mountain vacations in fall, or 5 in other seasons will raise as much or more Sensitivity than this item for cheaper. If you have the time for those, it might be better to just skip this item completely.


  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price you bought it for.
  • A better use of the Unicorn Flute is bringing it on a journey with you to the Eastern Forest in order to meet a Unicorn.

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