The Unicorn can be found in the Eastern Forest between the "Dragon Sighting" sign and the Tree Demolition Site. He only appears under special circumstances.

In DepthEdit

In order to meet the Unicorn, your daughter must possess a Unicorn Flute. The flute is made from a unicorn's horn. Have your daughter camp between the Dragon Sighting sign and the site of demolished trees. Rather than selecting "Rest" first, select "Use Item". Click on the Unicorn Flute. Your daughter will note that nothing happened. Proceed to hit the "Rest"


The unicorn arrives here.

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The next morning the Unicorn will apear. The Unicorn recognizes the flute she's carrying to be the horn of one of his friends. His friend having been killed for it (almost surely by a certain Chinese Orc), he asks to have it back as it is all that is left of his friend...



Unicorn in Forest

Unicorns have powers that can raise or lower Sensitivity.

In reward for returning the Unicorn Flute to him, the Unicorn will gift your daughter 50 points of Sensitivity. Should she refuse he will lower her Sensitivity by a half.

Trivia Edit

The area where you meet the Unicorn is also the site of a Fairy Ball.