The Tree Elf is assigned to guard the Sacred Tree of the Elves, located in the Eastern Forest.

Tree Elf

In DepthEdit

Guardians of trees, elves battle Pseudo-dragons and other such creatures that rob trees of sap. One of them is keeping guard on near a huge tree in the Forest that the Daughter can potentially visit.

If the Daughter has at least 200 Sensitivity, she'll see that particular Elf. As an expert at magic, the Elf lacks Combat Skill; upon encountering the Daughter, he will


Sacred Elf Tree

express the hope that she's a warrior willing to make a trade. However elves in general do not like iron items and if the Daughter has one, he will go away.


The Tree Elf can cast spells that take away fighting power and give away magic power. If the Daughter takes his deal her Combat Skill will lower 5 points...

Guarding Sacred Tree

and in exchange her Magic Skill, Attack and Defense will each go up 5 points.