Traveling Salesman

The Traveling Salesman is a character in Princess Maker 2. He is sometimes called "The Chinese Orc".

Three times in the game, Cube will announce that a traveling salesman has arrived at the house and is offering expensive and mysterious exotic wares.


The Traveling Salesman will visit you under certain conditions. You must have a certain amount of money for him to appear.

His first visit is triggered when you have 1000G or above by the end of the month.

Second visit you must have 2000G.

Third visit you must have 5000G.

He will only appear three times, and refusing to buy anything on a visit means you lose that opportunity.

Items for SaleEdit

Other Edit

Not much else is known about the travelling salesman. It's interesting to note that despite Cube's skepticism of him, as well as how most of his items appear worthless at first sight, they actually have some unique properties and can be quite useful. The only problem is you need to figure out where they are used, and then factor in their bonuses into your plan. Olive refers to most things you buy from him as "gifts" and hesitates to part with them in special events, probably hinting that she's attached to them in some way and associates them strongly with her father.

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