Tobi the Dance Instructor is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Tobi, as her title suggests, gives lessons on how to dance.

Tobi often participates as a contestant at the Dance Party during the Harvest Festival.

If Olive qualifies for a Dancer ending, she advices her to become a dancer and employs her as an assistant in her school.

Dance Stats Edit

Charisma: 125

Art: 86

A good candidate, but not the best. She loses to Julietta, Anice and Patricia, especially at later Dance parties. Rather odd for someone running an expensive dance class.

Note that Constitution isn't listed because it doesn't affect the score at all.


  • Come now, pay close attention. Skill at dance is an important weapon for a girl aiming to make her debut in high society. For your own sakes, study it well.
  • Lessons are over for now.
  • I am truly touched.
  • This is a great honor, indeed.

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