In Princess Maker 2, vacationing with Olive in the mountains will increase her sensitivity and decrease her stress, as well as raise her relationship with you.

Going here in spring and summer lowers Stress by -3 per day and raises Sensitivity by 1 per day. In the fall, mountain vacations lower Stress by -6 per day and raise Sensitivity by 2 per day, but raise Olive's weight by approximately 2.21 lbs. Going in the winter has the same effect as going in spring and summer, except that you can't do it if a snowstorm event occurs. All types of mountain vacations raise relationship with father by 3%.

Mountain vacations are generally better than sea ones stat wise, but at times you don't want to raise Sensitivity, and the weight reduction from summertime sea vacations is quite handy. Fall mountain vacations can be handy if you need a lot of Sensitivity quickly, just remember to keep Olive's weight in check.