Ss (2014-07-07 at 03.27.22)

Tanaka (Salesman from Hama Net)

 This person visits your home with special items that are not sold in any other places. The items are: Muscle Training Cast (Constitution +10, Willpower +10, 200000 yen), 24-second Diet (Weight -2.0, 150000 yen), Fairy Bra (Cup Size +1, 200000 yen), and Ultra-Electric Beauty Facial Massager (Charm +30, 300000 yen). He will only sell items if you have certain amount of money available at the time of his visit: 200000 yen, 400000 yen, 800000 yen, and 1000000 yen in the same order with the items listed above.

Ss (2014-07-07 at 03.19.23)

24 Seconds Diet

Ss (2014-07-07 at 03.19.02)

Ultra-Electric Beauty Facial Massager

Ss (2014-07-07 at 03.20.05)

Muscle Training Cast

Ss (2014-07-07 at 03.18.26)

Fairy Bra

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