This is technically the player character in Princess Maker 2. Given that, the attitude and nature of the  


character will change significantly depending on the player. 

You never get to see the Swordsman in game, not even in the Father marriage ending. What you do learn is that he was a brave traveler who sneaked into a demonic camp and defeated Lucifon, thus saving the town depicted in the game from a seemingly devastating siege by the demons. 

The king and queen are grateful for this, and let you live with an annual salary of 500 G. However, seeing the cost of items, classes etc in game, this does not seem like a lot of money in the game world. It's implied that he has a job, though its exact nature is never shown. If he chooses to skip work to tend to a sick Olive, he's penalized for it.

It is further hinted in some endings and dialogue that he has a high reputation among the people in the town. Examples include a scandal erupting if it's found that Olive, the daughter of "the brave hero", chose to be a harlot, or people having high expectations of Olive when she sets out to be a warrior hero because of her father's fame as one.


  • This character is a marriage candidate. You heard that right.
  • Even though you're supposed to be playing as him and so don't have direct control on what Olive does most of the time, you directly control Olive in adventures. This is never clearly explained or even lampshaded.

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