The suitor tends to show up when Olive's Charisma and Refinement is high or she has used some perfume. Olive must have at least 200 points of Charisma and Refinement, the frequency of the suitor's visits will rise as those stats increase. He will visit your home asking for her hand. In his possession is a gift. Within a small rectangular package is a sum of money ranging from 500G to 1000G.

You can accept or refuse. Accepting lowers her relationship with father, while refusing seems to do nothing. Either way the suitor will leave his gift of money.

In DepthEdit

He actually plays some roles in the game's endings. In one he is Count Stanton and is looking for a wife who is beautiful and refined. In another he is Vikovitch, a wealthy man who is attracted to beauty. In a third ending he is named Hopkins, a wealthy man who claims to have fallen in love on first sight.




  • Goodbye for now.
  • I ask you to please become my wife.
  • I await your answer.
  • I have fallen in love with your beauty!
  • I have seen many beautiful women, but none can match your charms!
  • You are incredibly beautiful, and what's more you are very refined.
  • My heart is not moved by beauty alone, but I have completely fallen for your elegant charm.
  • Oh. That's too bad. I'll come back when I've become more worthy of your daughter.
  • Sir, please give your daughter's hand to me! My feelings for her are honest.


In the Sega Saturn guide book Princess Maker 2 O Isshō Tanoshimu Hon he's known as "求婚者", or basically "Suitor". 

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