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Strength is one of the 10 main stats in Princess Maker 2.

School/Work Effects

Job/Class Gain/Loss
Farming work +1 per day
Lumberjack work +2 per day
Salon work -1 per day

Other Gains/Losses

Event/Item Gain/Loss
Lucifon's gift +1-45 points


Combat Attack:

Strength is an inexpensive way of raising Combat Attack, every 8 points raises it by 1. Can be a handy addition to Fencing classes, but be warned that raising it can make Olive very stressed out. Losing Strength will also make Combat Attack drop every 8 points, even if it was raised through Fencing classes.


Predictably, Strength determines how well Olive works as a part or full time Lumberjack. Beyond that, it doesn't have much of a impact besides adding to the stat score.

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