Status effects are conditions that alter how Olive behaves for a period of time. Most of them harm her efficiency. They can also hurt her reputations and weaken her health.

Status effects are represented by the three blue squares next to her armor and weapon icon in the UI.

There are three status effects not shown there, but they have visible effects of their own.

Sick Edit


A sick Olive at 11 years of age.

It occurs when Olive's stress is higher than her Constitution. Her efficiency at both jobs and classes is severely affected. The HP available for battles goes down too by the sickness percentage.

If you can remove sufficient stress before or during the month she's sick, she will be able to work and study efficiently, though her HP will still be lowered for that month.

Scolding her while sick will raise her stress by 5. She also can't use pocket money or eat food from the restaurant.

If Olive happens to be both sick and delinquent, she will respond as though she were merely sick when asked how she's doing. She can waste money on items while under both effects though, and this happens even if she's bedridden.


Olive when bedridden.

While sick, she can't go for free time or go on a vacation, rather she gets the option to rest at home or go to the sanitarium. The hospital also relieves stress when she's sick, up to one point less than her current Constitution if it's not lowered by any event by the end of the month.

If her sickness is allowed to build up beyond 90%, she will be bedridden. Staying bedridden for more than 2 months will make her die, and you lose. This is the only way to prematurely end the game.

Delinquent Edit


A delinquent 12 year old Olive.

It occurs when Olive's stress is greater than her Morality/Faith(whichever is higher). Delinquency makes her inefficient at work, and at high percentages even at classes.

While delinquent, she has a chance of wasting money, usually at free time. Giving pocket money at free time doesn't seem to stop her from doing that, and monitored free time prevents her from wasting money but lowers stress at a much slower rate.


Olive caught wasting money.

Delinquency affects her efficiency, and at higher rates (around 60% or more) she's outright turned away from most jobs. She can still attend all classes though.

Delinquency applies for the whole month, so even if you reduce enough stress before or during the month, she will work inefficiently for the rest of the month, have a chance of getting arrested at high delinquency rates, have a chance of wasting money during free time etc.

At very high levels of delinquency ( around 90% or more) she has a chance of getting arrested for joining a criminal gang. This cuts out a lot of stress and Sin but ruins all her reputations as they all go down by 90%.

Scolding her while delinquent reduces her stress by the value of her relationship with the father, and then raises said relationship value by 5. Giving pocket money doesn't reduce her stress, but all other stress reduction methods work as usual.

In Love Edit

It occurs if Olive happens to accept the proposal of a flirty suitor and go on a date with him. They come at


Olive, 17 years old, falling "in love".

random when Charisma is her highest stat and she's atleast 14. While Olive accepting the suitor's request is random, it tends to occur more when she has low morals, high stress, and/or a low father relationship.

This affects her efficiency at work and classes, with her work efficiency being more visibly reduced.

This effect lowers her relationship with the father, Cube and the young officer by 6. So if you're trying to marry the prince you can only allow this to occur once(unless you have a birth date of January 31st and used it to get a higher relationship from the start).

Once you're affected by this there's no good way to get rid of it, you just have to wait for three months. The easiest way to avoid this is to raise a stat to be higher than Charisma, or to avoid raising Charisma too much. Thankfully unless you either work a lot at the sleazy bar, cabaret or overdose on Charisma bonuses this is unlikely to happen.

Mistress Edit

When Olive has Charisma as her highest stat and is atleast 14, she gets random old men who propose paying her if she becomes their mistress. She has a chance to accept their offer, and is more likely to do so when her Morality is low, her relationship with father isn't high, or she is stressed. Accepting this gets her paid every month but her Morality and Refinement severely drop whenever she serves him.

If your relationship is around 85%, you can scold her to stop her serving the old man. To prevent it, avoid Charisma from becoming your highest stat.

Overweight Edit


13 year old Olive being overweight.

It occurs when Olive's weight passes a certain threshold. This threshold is determined by her height, she can afford to be heavier while longer and vice versa. It also changes with age, seemingly becoming stricter about weight as she gets older.

While under the effect of this, Olive visibly looks fatter on the main screen. Her Charisma drops by 2 points every month and she can't wear lots of dresses.

Obviously, this is removed by reducing her weight. It can be avoided by paying close attention to her weight and switching diets or using weight reduction methods when she's close to the threshold.

Runaway Edit


Olive ran away..for a while.

It occurs at random when Olive's Sensitivity is her highest stat. She vanishes from the main screen, and you can't do anything besides checking her stats, personal info, inventory and saving/loading for the month. When the month is over, all her reputations are reduced by 10%. Her diet still takes effect for the month even though you don't pay for it.

You can try reducing the chances of this by keeping a decent Constitution, Faith, Temperament or a high father relationship. The best way to avoid this, though, is simply to keep Sensitivity from being her highest stat. Sensitivity is a little hard to keep in check because there are lots of ways to raise it and quite a few of them are not within your control. Still, keeping an eye on her stats and focusing on getting other stats higher first help with avoiding this situation.

Trivia Edit

  • Sensitivity being the highest stat has no visual indicator when she hasn't run away, though Charisma does.
  • Monitored free time doesn't have a proper name, the game calls it "DATATOP".
  • Delinquency affects how she responds to your questions of how well she's doing, how she reacts to pocket money, and how she responds to getting free time with or without money. It doesn't change her response to your birthday gifts or how she talks while baking a cake for you though.
  • Being arrested is the fastest way to lose Sin.. but it's best not to risk it, it drops your reputations too strongly.
  • Sickness and delinquency have effects on Olive even when they aren't 10% and so don't affect her completely yet. Sickness will still lower Olive's HP for battles and delinquency still has a (rather small) chance of Olive wasting money, especially at free time.
  • Palace discounts apply to items Olive buys by herself when delinquent.

Extra Images Edit

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