Spirit of the Spring

The Spirit of the Spring guards over an oasis located in the Western Desert.

In DepthEdit

Spring Spirits protect bodies of water, or basically springs. They make sure springs live on. They are born from eggs. They remain children for one year after they are born. As children they have wings. When they become adults they shed their wings. At the same time, their parents die. As adults, they take their parents' place and guard the spring for


Western Desert Oasis

another hundred years.


They can cast Refinement and Sensitivity spells.

Baby Spirit

The Spirit of the Spring will cast a spell of Refinement on you if you give her the Spirit Ring. It will raise your Refinement by 50 points.

In turn, a year later, her child that hatched from the egg (used as a jewel on the ring) will visit you and offer a Sensitivity spell that raises your Sensitivity by 100 points.

Should your daughter refuse to return the ring, the Spirit will curse your daughter and lower her Sensitivity by a half.


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