Spirit Ring
Spirit Ring
Vital statistics
Type Jewelry
Effects None
Source Traveling Salesman
Cost to buy 1000 G
Cost to sell 500 G
The Spirit Ring is made from the egg of a spirit. On its own it does nothing.

How to ObtainEdit

It can be purchased from the Traveling Salesman. He first appears when you have 1000 G or more and there's no events triggered at the end of the month.  It costs 1000 G.

Notes Edit

The Spirit Ring gives two rewards, one later than the other. The first is a 50 point boost to Refinement. The second is given after a year passes. It's a 100 point boost to Sensitivity and 2000 G. The money is always good, the Sensitivity not so much.

The spirit ring seems to be best used if you're transitioning from farm work, which drains Refinement, to masonry, which drains Charisma but raises Constitution faster. While sudden Sensitivity boosts can be harmful, they can help with winning cooking contests or skipping most fights while adventuring. Besides, it's 100 stat points.

The spirit ring is one of the cheapest items the travelling salesman offers. At only 1000 G, you're guaranteed to be able to buy it when he first shows up, making it a good choice to get if you plan to trade it for the bonuses early on.

If you do want to buy more than one spirit ring, remember to wait for a year after trading one. You'll only get the bonus to Refinement otherwise on subsequent ring trades.


  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price you bought it for.
  • A better use of the Spirit Ring is trading it with a Spring Spirit.

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