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Sleazy Bar
Work Sleazy Bar
Boss Sam
Stats Raised Charisma, Sin
Stats/Skills Lowered Morality, Faith, Temperament
Payment 45G

"An unliscensed, dangerous bar. The work here is a bit questionable." ~ Cube

Working at the Sleazy Bar is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the sleazy bar after she turns 15.


Olive serves drinks and "entertains" patrons of Sam's shady back-alley bar. It pays a lot but the rough, decadent work screws up her moral views and over burdens her.


Stay far away from this job. It severely cuts through your Morality and Faith, which not only puts you in risk of bad endings but also raises her chances of being delinquent. The Charisma raise is simply not worth the stat losses you'll take, and you shouldn't be needing the money from here. At best it can only be recommended in small doses for if you want a quick Charisma raise for something and aren't at age 16 yet.

Pay Levels

Pay level Amount
Starting pay 45G
First raise 54G
Second raise 64G
Third raise 77G
Fourth raise 95G

Statistics Required

  • Constitution
  • Charisma

Statistics Affected

Statistics Point change
Charisma +2/day
Faith -3/day
Morality -3/day
Sin +2/day
Stress +12/day
Temperament Random drop, -0 to 1/day
Hidden statistics Point change
Relationship with Father -1%/day

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