Skeleton Knight

For information on a similar enemy, see Skeleton.

The Skeleton Knight, unable to rest, haunts the Graveyard for one last battle.

In DepthEdit

In the graveyard is a stone that marks the grave of a knight who was slain long ago in a single combat. He remains restless in need of one last battle before he can truly rest. When someone with the spirit of a knight comes along he rises from his tomb, ready to duel.


The Skeleton Knight merely looks for combat. You need a Fighter Reputation of around 100 or more for him to show up. His Fighting Statistics are the following:


Skeleton Knight

HP: 250
MP: 0
Fighter Rep: 205
Magical Rep: 160
Morale: 150

While he doesn't seem tough, he has high defense against both melee and magic attacks, so try to max them out before fighting him. If you cannot defeat him he will continue to haunt the graveyard and wish to combat you every time you come to work thereafter.

If you should defeat him he will leave 2539G when he finally vanishes.


  • Thou that disturbeth my slumber... Of what kingdom art thou a knight?
  • What is thy name...?
  • I see... Well! Sir Olive Oyl, since thou art a knight, thou shalt face me in fair combat!
  • Magnificent, Sir Olive Oyl... Now I can rest in peace... Farewell...


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