Fighter StatisticsEdit

HP: 199-249
MP: 0
Fighter Rep: ?
Magic Rep: 37-48
Morale: 200


  • Don't accept any invitiations from the Prince of Darkness.
  • How is the material world? Is it good to be alive?
  • I am a warrior from long ago...
  • If you take a life, you will accumulate sin. Pray to the Lord...
  • This is this world's hell.
  • Those who commit foul acts go to hell. Those heavy with sin become demons. Very sad...

Other InfoEdit

Skeletons consistently drop between 200-450 gold, more than any other random monster. While the Harpy might be better specifically for farming gold due to its extremely low Health and Morale compared to other monsters in the Western Desert, Skeletons give more gold for half the Karma gain of farming Harpies, which can help offset the Karma gain you also get if you also intend to trade Faith with Lucifon.

Skeletons will sometimes carry Longswords that you can confiscate upon defeating them.

They are found in the Demon's Abode and the Graveyard, but not in front of Ket Shi's house.

You need at least 600 Faith to talk with a Skeleton.

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