Sister Lee
"To serve at a church is to devote yourself to God." ~ Sister Lee

Sister Lee is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Sister Lee is a pious, polite, kind-hearted nun who runs the town church, where she holds daily classes on Theology and will allow Olive do do communal work for a small fee.

Giving her a donation at the Church will reduce Olive's level of Sin by 10 for every 100G donated.

Sister Lee participates as a contestant at the Cooking Contest during the Harvest Festival. She also plays a role in the Church Worker and Nun endings.


  • Bless you, my dear.
  • Class is over for now. I hope you will all come back again next time.
  • For the next few days, let us study theology together.
  • I see you've come again to serve the Lord!
  • Welcome, my child.
  • Working here will purify your soul.