Siren Robe
Siren Robe
Vital statistics
Type Dress
Effects + 40 Charisma
Source Traveling Merchant
Cost to buy 4000 G
Cost to sell 2000 G
The Siren Robe is a dress once worn by a noblewoman in a now vanished country. It is said to make the wearer a matchless beauty. It raises Charisma by 40 points.

How to ObtainEdit

It can be purchased from the Traveling Salesman. He first appears when you earn 1000 G or above for the first time and there's no events triggered at the end of the month.  It costs 4000 G.


The Siren Robe is more of a novelty item than anything else. It costs a lot of money, and lots of dresses outclass it. The Silk Dress costs half the price and boosts the same amount of stat points for Refinement, the Leather Dress costs 1000 G less and boosts Charisma by 10 points more, making it better to wear for the Dance Party. Since both are bought from the tailor, you can get better deals on them as your Palace popularity rises.

Even the Demon Dress, which is hard to obtain and has a severe stat penalty, is favorable to the siren robe in situations because of a stat exploit.

The siren robe is notable for one thing. Along with the Cotton Dress, this is one of only two stat boosting dresses in the game that does not require you to stay below the "weight threshold". It's a bit more flexible than the other dresses for wearing to the Dance Party or at the endgame in that regard.  However, since you only get to buy 3 things from the Traveling Salesman, this is generally not worthwhile.

Other InformationEdit

The Siren Robe has an age restriction to it. Olive can wear it when she reaches 15.

It can be worn for the Dance Party at the Harvest Festival.


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