Silver Pelt
Silver pelt
Silver pelt
Vital statistics
Type Skill boost
Effects Magical Defense +5
Source Silver Wolf (Drop)
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 400 G

Silver Pelt increases Olive's magical defense by 5 points as long as the item is in her inventory.

How to Obtain Edit

Recommendation Edit

Magical Defense is hard to raise, but really only useful if you're a melee fighter with little time spent at magic classes. Few enemies use magic spells against you in the whole game, and you will be able to tank most of them with decent enough Constitution. Silver wolves are not good for farming either, since they drop no money and are quite formidable. It's more practical to just raise magical skill through magical classes.

So it's best considered a novelty that can help sometimes, but is otherwise good for a bit of extra cash. Consider the rare silver pelt drop you get as a decent money boost.


  • Keep it in her inventory for the +5 to magical defense
  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price (recommended)
    • Magic attacks are rarer than melee attacks throughout the game, and usually not that powerful. Raising magical skill to a decent level through magic classes isn't that hard, and silver wolves aren't the best enemies to farm. There's very few situations where they would be practical to carry around.

Trivia Edit

Olive can carry additional silver pelts for cumulative effects.

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