The Seafood dish is a healthy dish made from fish. It reduces stress by 30

A healthy treat!
Vital statistics
Type Food
Effects Stress -30, +0.7 lbs
Source Restaurant
Cost to buy 120 G
Cost to sell -
points and increases weight by 0.7 pounds.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Restaurant. The Seafood can be purchased for 120 G.

Notes Edit

The seafood dish is the least cost effective item at reducing stress. It reduces stress by 10 points less inspite of costing as much as dolls. There are some thing to note about it:

  • It doesn't affect your stats. This makes it better than buying a doll at times, which raises Sensitivity.
  • It doesn't raise Olive's weight by much, especially compared to other food items.

The seafood dish is a workable alternative to buying a doll for the moments you want to lower stress without spending schedule time on it, raising Sensitivity, or gaining too much weight.

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