Royal Knight

"A lady like yourself is always welcome here!"  ~ Royal Knight

The Royal Knight is a character in Princess Maker 2.

After Olive has gained some Decorum, she can speak with the royal knight at the castle. The knight is very keen on etiquette and good manners.

The knight will object to Olive speaking with the king or queen if she's not ready to and will personally escort her away from them.


30+ Decorum


  • Here, now! You're being terribly rude to His Majesty. Come back when you've learned proper etiquette.
  • Hmm... I apologize, but I haven't the time to listen to someone with a tongue as unmannered as yours.
  • See here! What kind of way is that to speak to a queen? I recommend that you brush up on your courtesy.
  • You should never forget that you are a lady.

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