"Oh, what a cute little girl. Come here, let's talk..." ~ Royal Concubine

The Royal Concubine is a character in Princess Maker 2.

After Olive has excellent Decorum, she can speak with the Concubine at the castle. The Concubine is a beautiful but lonely lady who is very bored with her life - now that the king is so old - and is eager to find someone to speak with.

The Royal Concubine will sometimes act as a judge during the Cooking Contest at the Harvest Festival. She's also a part of some endings, especially the one where Olive joins her in the Royal Harem.


85+ Decorum

Conversation skills in general will give higher popularity bonus with her.


  • With the king being so old, I'm always so bored I could die... I'm just starving for someone I can really talk to...