is a minor character in Princess Maker 2.

Rodon hosts the Cooking Contest and will participate in the Art Festival during the Harvest Festival every year.

His PaintingsEdit

  • "Charchanmi II Rests in the Shade of a Tree"
  • "Forlorn Food Storage Room"
  • "Portrait of a Disturbed Family"
  • "Strong Woman Carrying Water Jug"
  • "Violin Player in the Back Upstairs Room"


  • The day has come to choose the best chef in all the land. You are free to make any dish you choose, provided it is ready by the time the sun reaches the western rampart. You may use ingredients which have been prepared beforehand. Ready, set, go!
  • Okay, time's up. Judges, sample the food!
  • Ha ha! We shall now announce the winner! This year, the first-place winner is...
  • This is an extreme honor.

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