Refinement is one of the 10 main stats in Princess Maker 2. It represents how cultured and presentable Olive is.

School/Job Effects Edit

School/Job Gain/Loss
Farming work -1 per day
Lumberjack work -2 per day
Hunting work -1 per day
Cabaret work -2 per day
Protocol class +1-4 per day, raises with level
Poetry class +0-1 per day

Other gains/losses Edit

Event/Item/Misc. Gain/Loss
Teacup +10 per cup
Demon Pendant(Circe's Charm) +100 points
Venus Jewels(Spirit of the Jewels) +20 from item

Raises by her age

Saturn and Sol's blessing +100 points
Lady's Ring +25 per ring
Refusing the Unicorn's request Halved
Cotton Dress +15 when worn
Silk Dress +40 when worn
Lucifon's gift +1-45 points
Serving an old man Random drop per month

Effects/Uses Edit

Suitor: Edit

Having atleast 200 of Refinement and Charisma will make random suitors arrive sometimes and propose to marry Olive. They will bring money with them, which you always get regardless of accepting their proposal or not.

Palace Talk: Edit

Refinement is liked by both the Palace Guard and the Royal Knight, and both will raise Olive's Popularity at the Palace more with higher Refinement. 5 points of Refinement is worth 1 Popularity for the Palace Guard, and 8 points is worth 1 for the Royal Knight.

Monsters: Edit

There are some monsters who will talk to Olive only if she has high Refinement. These include the Dragons in the Western Desert and the Silver Wolves in the Northern Glaciers.

Ending: Edit

Refinement plays a major role in the ending. It determines how well Olive does in most of the Social endings, and 800 points of Refinement separate the Ruling Queen and Prime Minister endings.