Description Edit

After a talk with the Flirty Punk (who owns a high-class brothel), the daughter becomes a refined harlot.


Ranking Edit

"I feel sorry for her..."

Requirements Edit

Charisma: 500

Intelligence ?: 300

Refinement: 300

Sin: 100

Morals: 29

Social Reputation: ~180

Housework Reputation: ~160

Other InformationEdit

This is one of the endings that was not fully translated into English in the beta. When the above portrait is shown, a dialogue box will display an error; it is "Unable to locate file EETN06.TXT SYSTEM ERROR". Fortunately, this does not create any glitches to the game itself.

If your daughter has a good bust size (which helps in doing well for this ending), she will become very popular and will be saving money for her retirement.

External Sources Edit

YouTube video of the Refined Harlot Ending