Your butler in Princess Maker Legend of Another World


Raphael's background is a mystery. However, he may be of magical background which means he could be a demon or fairy.


Assists player with raising Melody during the game as well as rescuing her when she had fallen in battle. When Melody becomes delinquent, the Player may choose to have Raphael follow her to make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble or steals money.

Raphael also makes suggestions to the player about Melody's diet. If she becomes too thin, he'll suggest spending more gold on food and if she is too heavy, he'll suggest the opposite. It's assumed he also takes your daughter's stats because of artwork depicting him doing so. If the weather is severe, Raphael will suggest you change Melody's clothes to something more appropriate; Sun dress in Summer & Winter dress for winter.

As your butler, he always stays behind when Father and Daughter leave the house for vacation, to tend to the house while they're gone.


"Now that she is an adult, what occupation will the miss be taking?" "I'm glad I get to stay in the house with the miss! Besides, what could be bothersome about the misses?"


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Melody with White Stag

  • Raphael is believed to be able to transform into a white stag, as seen in artwork from Go_Go_Princess
  • Melody can choose to marry Raphael, however he doesn't have his own wedding graphic. She can merry him even with a "bad" ending, unlike Cube.

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