Queen by Marriage
Not to be confused with the Ruling Queen ending.

Description Edit


A coach arrives and takes your daughter to the castle. The King tells her his wife, the Queen, just recently passed away... and since the country would be in trouble without a "mother" like her, he wants to marry again. And he has chosen the daughter as his new Queen.

Ranking Edit

"That's fairly impressive"

Stats Required Edit

Charisma <= 499

Fighting Reputation = 370

Magic Reputation = 370

Social Reputaion = 421

Housework Reputaion = 370

Other InformationEdit

This is one the endings that was not fully translated into English. When the above portrait is shown, a dialogue box will display an error; it is "Unable to locate file EETN06.TXT SYSTEM ERROR". Fortunately, this does not create any glitches to the game itself.

To succeed in this ending, your daughter will need a high level of elegance. (Since a queen also needs to good role model and make a proper impression.) 

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