Olive in the Queen Ending


A coach from the castle comes to the house to pick up Olive, much to her surprise. When she arrives at the castle, the King tells her that he has grown too old for his position and must retire. Since the Prince has very little experience, the King decides to hand the throne over to Olive. The Prime Minister is not supportive, but the Queen has faith in Olive. And so it is decided that she is now the ruling queen.



Stats RequiredEdit

Refinement: 800
Fighter Reputation: 420
Magical Reputation: 420
Social Reputation: 420
Housework Reputation: 420
Difference between highest and lowest reputation should be below 50

Other InformationEdit

This is one of the hardest endings to get
The better your daughter's Morals, the better queen she will be.

Be sure not to have Art as your highest stat or else you will get an art ending.

You can have cooking as your highest stat, but not art.

The game may also require a base morality and low sin.

The picture is a homage to Jean Ingres' painting Napoleon I on his Imperian Throne .

It's also possible to get this ending and marry the prince of the kingdom if the Daughter qualifies for both.

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