Princess of Darkness

The immortal ruler of Hell.


Olive manages to kill Lucifon, and is cursed to take his place as the ruler of the Underworld.


Morality: 29 or lower

Fighting Reputation: ~250

Magical Reputation: ~170

Sin: 500

Well, I found it's kinda easy to get this Princess of Darkness Ending.

You'll have to make her become good at fighting, and build up her fighting and magical reputation.

As long as you're good at killing monster, it'll be easy to earn money. Raise her sin too, you don't need to let her work in the Sleezy Bar, just to make her lose her faith, but don't make her work too much, I'm afraid she's gonna become some kind of whore or prositute or something.

Beside, our daughter should go adventuring alot, especially to the desert, and meet the Prince of Darkness. She also has to kill manyyyy monster. So that when you ask her, she'll reply: "I've beatened a lot of monster. To tell the truth I feel sorry for them" or "No matter how many monster I killed, more just popping out"

Or kind of that. So that's how you make your daughter become lord of darkness the ultimate darkside ending :D

Other InformationEdit

  • Even though the game considers this a bad ending, many fans don't see it as such because of Olive achieving immortality and power over Hell.

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