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Currently being worked on for Princess Maker Wiki

Princess Maker 4


Start a CG "How to" page.


Uploading pictures of the various dresses that your daughter can wear.

Princess Maker 5

Finish the shop pages for and complete list of the items sold in the shop, including the stats effected.
Find effects on hidden stats by items and activities.

Find stat requirements for meeting the Princes and for meeting the various emissaries from the various realms. -Raeza

Help especially needed for Princess Maker Wiki

I am having trouble with some of the Princess Maker 5 career endings. There are some endings that seem to have event (i.e. non-stat) requirements that I did not expect (example: the pianist and ballerina seems to have some kind of event requirement that I don't know). These are possibly related to club/class activity or class level. If anyone knows how to achieve an ending, or has achieved and ending and doesn't know the specifics of what is needed but can give me the details of what they did over the course of their playthough, it would be much appreciated -Raeza
Any info for the Princess Yuucie article, Go Go Princess, or any of the other stuff?
We need more articles detailing the endings for the games. What they are, how to get them, screenshots, etc.
We need pages for anyone/anything you fight in the games. All relevant info--location, HP, attacks, etc. Pictures are a plus.

What's new on Princess Maker Wiki

  • edit Bird of Paradise
    edited by SnowyDoll diff
    Summary: Added more information on what it does.
  • edit Suitor (PM2)
    edited by SnowyDoll diff
    Summary: Fixed one spelling error. Added more detailed information on how to make the suitor appear.
  • edit Power Ring
    edited by SnowyDoll diff
    Summary: Corrected grammar mistakes.
  • new page Power Ring
    created by SnowyDoll
    New page: After Fay has visited Olive three times to give her magic stat boosts, Fay will visit again and give her the power ring. You can trigger this event...
    Summary: Added page.
  • new page Perfect Flour
    created by SnowyDoll
    New page: After Olive has received the three stat boosts from Domovoi, if she continues to excel in housework, he will give her the perfect flour. Working at...
    Summary: Created page.
  • edit War God (PM2)
    edited by SnowyDoll diff
    Summary: Added more information on how to defeat the war god.
  • new page Dragon's Fang (PM2)
    created by SnowyDoll
    New page: This item can be found in a chest in dragon ruins in the desert. Dragons also may drop one when killed. It increases Fighter Reputation by 20 points....
    Summary: Created page on the dragon's fang.
  • edit Dancer Ending (PM2)
    edited by SnowyDoll diff
    Summary: Typo. Changed "likey" to "likely."
  • edit Princess Maker 1
    edited by AdmiralBronze diff
  • edit Princess Maker 1
    edited by AdmiralBronze diff
    Summary: not complete, based on MSX version

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