Languages Available In: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English (partial fan translation and Refine only), Spanish (partial fan translation)



Production HistoryEdit

Created in 1991 by Gainax.

Feb 18, 2017 - Refine Version released on Steam by CFK.[1]

Mechanical InformationEdit

Basic GameplayEdit

Like its successors, Princess Maker 1 is a mostly menu-based game. After entering a name and birth date for the daughter, the player is taken to the main screen (pictured above) where most of the decisions are made. The daughter starts at 10 years old and the game ends when she turns 18. The main buttons in this screen let you travel to the palace, talk to your daughter, check her stats, go shopping, change settings and the most important, schedule her activities.

At the scheduling screen the player must choose three tasks for the month, each taking approximately 10 days, and can choose between education, work, vacationing, resting in the town and adventuring. Going to school is expensive, but raises her stats, some of which are otherwise impossible to develop. By doing exams, she can earn titles and go up in ranks, which will make schooling more expensive and more effective. Working also changes her stats, raising some and lowering others depending on the selected job, and earns you money. Vacationing and resting in town are the main way for lowering stress that is accumulated by classes and work, but cost money. Lastly, the adventure mode is an RPG-like mini game in which your daughter explores and faces off monsters to win experience and treasure. Your daughter does not work or go to school at Sundays.

The player always starts with 500G.


You play as a hero, who defeated a demonic army besieging the kingdom depicted in this game. However, you soon retire, being tired of seeing death and destruction everywhere, and decide to adopt a orphan girl who shows up one day at your house. How she turns out to be is upto you.


Castle FolkEdit


Every month, you can have a conversation with your daughter. Depending on what you do and on some of your stats, it will have different effects! Be careful, some are interesting, and other need to be avoided. You won't always earn the same amount of stat, it can be +1 or it can be +10, it's all luck! So I advise you to save before talking to your daughter, especially in the first years.

Converse Attentively: Reduce Stress If Stress > Spirit => - Stress

/!\ If Spirit > Stress => - Spirit ... /!\ You don't want that, ever /!\

Talk in a Stern Voice: Increase Spirit If Spirit > Stress => + Spirit

/!\ If Stress > Spirit => + Stress .../!\ You don't want that, ever /!\

Preach: Increase Morale If Spirit > Stress => + Morale

(Credit: By Hyslyne)


Martial Arts





By default, every job stresses Maria out a bit every work day. Pay is docked for every day she makes a mistake.

Available since 10 years old:

  • Inn: + Sta
  • Church: + Mor, no stress gain
it is speculated that if Maria doesn't make any mistakes, her success rate gets boosted for the rest of the month
  • Writer (Refine: Scrivener): +Int, -Str
  • Armory (Refine: Weapon Store): +Exp
  • Lumberjack (Refine: Woodcutter): +Str, -Ele(?), -Int(?)

Unlocked at 11 years old:

  • Nurse (Refine: Hospital): +Int, -Sta, -Gla(?)

Unlocked at 12 years old:

  • Maid: +Ele
  • Mason (Refine: Labourer): +Sta, +Spi, -Ele(?), -Int(?), -Gla(?)

Unlocked at 13 years old:

  • Hunter: +Dex, +Combat, -Gla(?)

Unlocked at 14 years old:

  • Barmaid (Refine: Bar): +Gla, -Ele

Unlocked at 15 years old:

  • Bar wench (Refine: Strange bar): +Gla, -Mor, -Rep

Unlocked at 16 years old:

  • Hooker (Refine: Strange inn)

Festival ContestsEdit

Combat Tournament

Miss Kingdom Contest.


Basic ThingsEdit

Healing Herb (Refine: Herb)

Stuffed Bunny (Refine: Doll)

Wooden Sandals (Refine: Iron Sandals)


Poetry Book (Refine: Poetry)

Teacup (Refine: Tea Cup)



Dagger (Refine: Knife)

Club (Refine: Cudgel)


Copper Sword (Refine: Dagger)

Long Sword

Hatchet (Refine: War Axe)



Leather Armor

Chain Mail (Refine: Chainmail Armor)

Plate Mail (Refine: Iron Armor)

Silk Armor (Refine: Bikini Armor)


Leather Cap (Refine: Leather Helm)

Iron Helmet (Refine: Iron Helm)

Face Mask (Refine: Iron Mask)


In Town Pawn Shop Armory

Errantry Edit


Career EndingsEdit



High-class Prostitute





Marriage EndingsEdit

Marriage to Noble

Princess (by adoption)

Refine Version Edit

Around 2002 to 2005, GAINAX published a Refine Version of Princess Maker 1 & 2, where they made the game run better on Windows, and also removed R-18 features. The screenshots shown here are from the Chinese release of this edition.

In Feb 18, 2017, CFK released Princess Maker 1 Refine on Steam.[1]

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