Prime Minister-0


A coach from the castle comes to the house to pick up Olive, much to her surprise. When she arrives at the castle, the King tells her that he has been handing over the reins of power to his ministers. Because of your renowned reputation he has decided to make you into the prime minister to rule the country in his name.


"Amazing... that's not an easy thing to do,"

Stats RequiredEdit

Refinement: under 800
Fighter Reputation: 378
Magical Reputation: 378
Social Reputation: 368
Housework Reputation: 350

Other InformationEdit

This is a hard ending to get.
If Olive lacks the refinement to become the queen but has every other stat, you will likely get this ending.

Be sure not to own a Master Brush or you may get an artist ending instead.

General ending seems to take priority over this ending so be careful.

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