Power Ring
A gift from Fay
Vital statistics
Type Special
Effects Cast magic without using MP
Source Fay
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 500 G

"It's very precious-it's the only one of it's kind. You mustn't sell it off! Well, bye now." -Fay

After Fay has visited Olive three times to give her magic stat boosts, Fay will visit again and give her the power ring. If she attends atleast 32 magic class sessions and has a Magic Reputation of 400 or higher Fay bestows this.

The Power Ring will keep Olive's MP from being drained while casting magic. Olive will always be able to use magic as long as she has at least 10 intelligence.

Notes Edit

A really impractical reputation reward. Magic classes raise magical skill and attack so fast that they max out after around 11 sessions. Beyond that, you can only summon Fay for special skill raises twice, and any classes attended afterwards is just a huge waste of money. The money is better spent on raising Intelligence, or any other stat really.

Ultimately, this is a novelty item that's rarely worth snagging even if you have the cash for it. The one potential situation it could help in is if you're planning to do lots of bar work and are largely a magic caster in combat; even then it's not that hard to just avoid combat until you're done with working there.

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