The Poetry Book contains many exquisitely written poems and

Poetry Book
A collection of fine wordplay!
Vital statistics
Type Stat boost
Effects Sensitivity +12
Source Pawn Shop
Cost to buy 400 G
Cost to sell 200 G
will help your daughter's sensitivity to grow. It raises Sensitivity by 12 points.

How to Obtain Edit

Head to town and visit the Pawn Shop. The Poetry Book can be purchased for 400 G.

Notes Edit

Individually, the poetry book gives the highest number of stat points out of all the pawn shop items. But dolls are more cost effective at raising Sensitivity. Too much Sensitivity raises problems too, and the stress relief of the dolls is handier in practice.

On the upside, the poetry book does not raise stress upon being sold, unlike dolls. The poetry book is useful for situations where you need to get up Sensitivity quickly without using a lot of inventory space.

The poetry book can be used for manipulating Sensitivity at the endgame to get better endings, as long as you have the money and inventory space.

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