Plate Mail
Plate mail
Vital statistics
Type Armor
Effects Combat Defense +18, Combat Skill -15
Source Armorer
Cost to buy 980 G
Cost to sell 490 G
The Plate Mail is made of heavy steel plate. It raises Combat Defense by 18 points but decreases Combat Skill by 15 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the armorer. The Plate Mail can be purchased for 980 G.

Notes Edit

This armor is not recommended. It severely lowers your combat skill, which in turn reduces your chances of avoiding hits and attacking enemies successfully. It's always better to take less hits than to take more hits with reduced damage from them. The raised combat defense is helpful, but not a big game changer, and certainly not worth the penalty to combat skill.

The only time when using this is recommended is if you pair it up with a good combat skill raising weapon, like the katana, Valkria's sword or the War God sword. Even then, having a higher combat skill is preferable, and you should be able to buy or obtain the mithril armor by the time you get the last two swords.

Trivia Edit

This is one of two armors to lower combat skill.

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