Petite Princess Yucie is an anime based on the Princess Maker series of games.






Yuushi - Main character, her appearance is similar to Lisa of Princess Maker 3. She is 17 but has not grown since she was 10. She is a Platina Princess Candidate.

Grenda - Princess of Hell, she is also a Platina Princess Candidate and 17 (but trapped in a much younger body). She is very embarrassed by her father, but has a lot of self confidence otherwise (always describing herself as the fantastic and elegant princess of Hell)

Kokuru - Princess of the Spirit realm, she is bespectacled and very shy (and often not noticed). She, too, is a Platina Princess Candidate, and 17 but trapped in a younger body.

Erumina - Princess of Heaven, Platina Princess Candidate, 17 and trapped in the body of a younger girl. She is a perfectionist, not least because her father has excessively high standards.

Beth - Princess of the Fairy Realm, Platina Princess Candidate, 17 and trapped in the body of a younger girl. Beth is determined to become the Platina Princess and will go to extreme lengths to ensure she is the winning candidate.

Cube - Yuushi's magical butler, our favourite demon!

Ket Shi

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