Perfect Flour
The best ingredient!
Vital statistics
Type Special
Effects Always win cooking contests
Source Domovoi
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 5 G

After Olive has received the three stat boosts from Domovoi, if she continues to excel in housework, he will give her the perfect flour. Working at the bar, the restaurant and doing housework for a total of 120 sessions or more together and a Housework Reputation of 400 or above makes him bestow this.

The perfect flour guarantees Olive a win at the cooking contest, regardless of her stats.

Notes Edit

The cooking flour involves spending a lot of time at jobs which don't raise any stats, only skils. This constrains your schedule and makes it impractical to obtain. The cooking contest isn't that hard to win anyway with good Sensitivity and maxed cooking skill, unless you get Marthia as a rival. You shouldn't be attending the cooking contest much unless you really need the Housework reputation.

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