"Eating the egg will bring you good luck, and it's good for you too." ~ Cube

Paradise Egg
Paradise Egg
Vital statistics
Type Consumable, Prize
Effects +50 Constitution if eaten
Source Cooking Contest, 1st place prize
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell 750 G
The Paradise Egg is a contest prize in Princess Maker 2. It is worth 1400 G. On its own it does nothing.

How to ObtainEdit

Olive receives the egg if she wins first place in the Cooking Contest of the Harvest Festival. You're immediately given the option of either having her eat the egg or save it when the Cooking Contest is over.

Notes Edit

The paradise egg actually has three possible uses: give a +50 Constitution boost immediately, give a +100 Sensitivity boost one month later, or be sold for money.

The Constitution raise is arguably the best and most versatile use, especially since raising Constitution without any side effects is hard. The Sensitivity bonus gives the most number of stat points, but raising it too high brings problems. Selling it gives less money than other Harvest festival prizes, and the stat boosts are generally more useful.


  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price it is worth.
  • Consume it for an extra 50 points of Constitution.
  • Save it as a trophy and have it hatch a baby Bird of Paradise.

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