"Success is a badge given only to those who work for it." ~ Paimon

Paimon is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Paimon is a demon who oversees sucess and prestige. He loves successful people and wants to help those with a lot of potential achieve success. If Olive begins getting popular in high society, Paimon will visit and grant her power to help raise her reputation and achieve social success.

First VisitEdit

Once Olive has attended 8 sessions of Painting, Dance or Protocol class, and gained 100 Social Reputation, Paimon introduces himself to Olive. He grants her 3 extra points of Decorum. Olive is a bit afraid of him and is left speechless.

Second VisitEdit

Once Olive attends 16 sessions of Painting, Dance or Protocol and raised 200 Social Reputation, Paimon visits again. He praises her for working hard and grants her 4 extra points of Art. Though Olive is intimidated by him, she notes that Paimon seems to sincerely want to help her.

Third VisitEdit

If Olive attends 32 sessions of Painting, Dance or Protocol and gains 300 Social Reputation, Paimon praises Olive again and grants her 5 extra points of Conversation Skill.

Fourth VisitEdit

If Olive attends 64 sessions of Painting, Dance or Protocol and gains 400 Social Reputation, Paimon appears and Olive is no longer intimidated. She welcomes him in and Paimon makes note of this. Assured she is on the verge of success he gives her one last gift. It is a bottle of Perfume. It attracts suitors regardless of stats.


  • Everyone in the kingdom has heard of you.
  • Ha ha, don't be afriad.
  • Ha ha, look how calm and poised you are. You have made a lot of progress since I last saw you.
  • Ha ha ha, you needn't be afraid of me because I am a demon. I help people to achieve success.
  • I am Paimon. I am a demon who watches over success and prestige.
  • If you strive for success, I'll give you power to help achieve it. Remember that.
  • The success I am talking about is recognition by society. I can raise your reputation.
  • You are on the verge of success.
  • You see, I love successful people. You seem to have a lot of potential, so I dropped by especially to help you out.


In Hebrew mythology, Paimon is one of the Kings of Hell. This is according to "The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King".

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