Theology Class
Theology Class
Class Name Theology
Stats/Skills Raised Magical Defense, Faith, Intelligence
Tutor Sister Lee

"Cultivates a view of science which is based on faith. This is the golden path to scholarship." ~ Cube


Taught by Sister Lee, theology is the academic study of religions and spirituality. Theological classes raise knowledge about religion and spirituality, and they bolster the faith of people in God. The lessons also help in learning how to defend against harmful supernatural forces.


Theology Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 40 G 60 G 80 G 100 G
Intelligence +1 +1 +1 to 2 +1 to 3
Faith +1 to 2 +1 to 3 +1 to 4 +1 to 5
Magical Defense +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1

Recommendation Edit

Theology classes are good for raising a lot of Faith and Intelligence. While Faith can be raised through church work rather quickly, Theology raises it faster and lets you put time into something else. The Intelligence raise is not much but it becomes formidable by Expert level. Theology also compliments Science classes, since it restores the Faith lost there and boosts Intelligence on its own too. Combining both can be quite costly though, so consider if you want to do it and keep your finances in mind.

Theology is the most efficient way of raising Magical Defense since you'll be boosting two stats alongside and it doesn't stress out Olive a lot, unlike the only conventional alternative to it. Magical Defense really doesn't matter much in the game besides boosting your Magical Reputation though(and it's easy to raise it through other ways), so it's not that important.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Magical Defense: Increase

Intelligence: Increase

Faith: Increase

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