There is so much to the Princess Maker 2's interface, I'll give you a tour using my daughter for example.

PM2 Interface

PM2's Interface

Personal InformationEdit

"Nelsie Zen" is the name of my daughter for example. She's 17, blood type B, I have 72982 gold. She's on a normal diet, 5' 1" tall, 88 pounds, 36'in bust, 21'in waist, 33' inch hips. She has the royal sword as a weapon and silk armor on. Pretty simple, right? Let's get to the buttons.

Status ScreenEdit

The top left button is for the status screen, you'll be using it a lot. It shows all your daughter's skills and stats which is extremely helpful. Pretty self-explanatory.

Interacting with your DaughterEdit

The next button is for interacting with your daughter. Clicking on it gives you three options; father-daughter chat, pocket money and scold. 

Father-daughter Chat:Edit

If you don't talk to your daughter a lot, just do it. You can ask her: how are you doing, how are your studies or about other topics. Your daughter has a lot of things she can say, talking to your daughter is very important. If she's a great fighter a common remark for her to say is "I'm confident I'm the best there is at the art of the sword." for example. -And you get 1 point of "relationship with father" for every time you talk to her. Don't ignore your daughter, talk to her as much as possible!

Pocket Money:Edit

Giving her pocket money reduces her stress by 20 points. She gets 20 G at ten and 100 G at 18, how much depends on her age.


In PM2, scolding is a tool used to keep your daughter in line, not to be used regularly. Scold her only when she is delinquent; if you scold her if she's well behaved, you will lose credibility (lose 2 points of father relationship). Scold her while she's sick, and her stress will go up by 5 points along with her relationship falling. Scold her while she's delinquent and her stress will go down depending on how good the father-daughter relationship. If my daughter has 50 points of father relationship, the scolding effect will be -50 stress.

Your Daughter's DietEdit

The next button will pull up four options, the four diets. I will go through each in depth.

Name / description / Pound gain/loss / Cost per month

Normal Diet~ Gains weight at a reasonable pace. +0.13 


Robust Diet~Really fattens but +10 constitution per month! +0.64


Slim Down~ Slow weight gain, loose -5 constitution per month! +0.02


Weight Loss Diet~ Use at your own daughter's risk, -20 constitution per month. Very easy to get your daughter sick. -_- -0.05



If you are raising a fighter, I recommend the robust diet. Stick with default unless she grows overweight. Don't keep her on weight loss for more than a 3 months at a time unless she has really high constitution.

In Depth Personal ScreenEdit

The top right icon leads to a screen the shows her exact measurements, age, star sign and that stuff. The most useful thing here is the sick and delinquency percentages. If either one reaches 10%, she becomes officially sick/ delinquent.


Another big one, I'll keep it brief. You have 6 places to go; armorer, tailor, church, pawn shop, restaurant and hospital. The armorer is just the place for weapons and armor, self explanatory.

Tailor: Buying dresses for your daughter, pretty cool.

Restaurant: Your daughter can grab a bite to eat, I personally don't go here often but still good.

Pawn Shop: Great for selling unneeded items and birthday gifts and buying some useful items, good place!

Church: Donate 100 gold for -10 sin. A total rip-off unless you got money to burn.

Hospital: You can cure your daughter here.  

Castle Edit

It's a good idea to get to known by the high society! You can talk to one person each month and get popularity. It's a hard journey to get to 999 popularity but it's possible, popularity gets you discounts at stores!

Item ScreenEdit

Used often, shows all the items, dresses and equipment you have. Remember to equip your armor and weapons when you get them! Some items such as Ancient Milk are consumable, some automatically add to your stats.

Save, Load and QuitEdit

The star icon is used to save your game, load and quit. Remember to save often!

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