Fighting Class
Class Fighting
Class Name Fighting
Stats/Skills Raised Combat Skill, Combat Defense
Tutor Carl Fox

"Study methods of combat, concentrating on fighting hand-to-hand without relying on weapons or armor." ~ Cube


Fighting Classes(called Kung-fu in the Refine version) are the self-defense lessons given by Carl Fox, designed to teach students how to fight and deflect blows in close combat. They learn to focus and to hit an opponent while dodging. Later, they even learn how to defend themselves from attacks.


Fighting Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 30G 40G 50G 60G
Combat Skill +1 +1 to 2 +1 to 3 +1 to 4
Combat Defense +0 +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1

Recommendation Edit

The best way to raise combat skill, and the only conventional way to raise combat defense without buying armor; Fighting classes are recommended if you want Olive to be able to dodge and hit in melee combat. Keep in mind that if you want her to hit hard in melee combat, you will need to raise combat attack too, which means that you'll likely use this in conjunction with Fencing classes for making her good at fighting.

This class starts comparatively cheap and remains so throughout its levels. This is good since it raises combat skill at a decent rate, which means you won't spend much money to get it maxed out. However, if you plan on facing the War God, you're going to use this for a little longer, as you will need to raise combat defense to survive his attacks. This class is not very efficient at raising combat defense, so it's advised to combine this with other methods, like getting good armor or farming black scales.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Combat Skill: Increase

Combat Defense: Increase

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