Open Space

Open Space

What choices do you have?Edit

Look around
Spend some time here

Option What it does How much time it takes
Look around

Get a description of the area

Spend some time here Stress -5 2 hours
Leave Return to the town map none

What is happening here?Edit

Special EventsEdit

Be aware that special events may interfere or even disallow visiting friends who would normally be at this location, as encountering the special event may override encountering said friend.

Time Period What is happening Effect of doing this How much time it takes
January, February and March, daytime Circus Stress -40, -3000 yen 3 hours
April, second weekend/October, first weekend Flea Market Random selection of highly discounted shop items 1 hour
July, fourth weekend Outdoor Rock Festival Music +0.50, Constitution +1.0, Stress -65, -6000 yen 4 hours

Friends who are hereEdit

Elementary School Junior High School High School
12pm Hitoshi is here Hitoshi is here
1pm Hitoshi is here Hitoshi is here
2pm Kousei is here