Officer of Royal GuardEdit


Your daughter is a highly ranked officer!

The Daughter is summoned to the Palace, with the King and the General giving her a very important task: guarding the big guy himself, by becoming a high-ranked Knight!


"That's fairly impressive"?

Stat RequirementsEdit

Refinement (Elegance in Refine version) = At least 100

Morals = 30, preferently over 250

Fighting Reputation = 420

Magic Reputation = 360

Social Reputation = 360

Housework Reputation = 360

Additional InformationEdit

Giving her a high morality will bring your daughter sucess in this ending.

If she has less than 250+ in Morals, Olive will use her rank for her own personal gain and her lust for power. She will have many affairs with the most handsome knights, greatly damaging her and her father's reputations and weakly justifying herself by claiming that her work puts extreme pressure on her.

If she has high Morals, she will be loved and praised by the populace as "The King's Beautiful Shield."