Full Time Employment Edit

Description Edit

Your daughter works at the daycare center as a nursemaid. Not the worst job, but you could do a lot better.

She needs high Maternal Instinct to do well at this job, which you should be having by working a lot here unless you sent her for a few too many Hunting sessions afterwards.

Ranking Edit

The gods find this job alright, though none of them seem overly impressed with it. It's worth 100 points.

Requirements Edit

Olive needs to have worked the most at the day care center, having attended it for atleast 10 sessions with each having atleast 1 day of successful work. In addition,

Fighting Reputation: 310

Magic Reputation: 300

Social Reputation: 290

Housework Reputation: 280

Part-time nursemaid

Fighting Reputation: 210

Magic Reputation: 200

Social Reputation: 190

Housework Reputation: 180

Other Information Edit

Pretty straightforward ending to get, you have good chances of getting this if you made Olive work a lot at the daycare center, especially for winning the Cooking Contest early. Remember not to get any of her reputations too high nor to let them fall too low. It's not too hard to get this ending and have good stats, especially if you keep an eye on her reputations.

The denouement for full time employment in this, and the other jobs isn't translated, so it returns an error. Thankfully, you still get to see the guardian deity's comments and her final stats.