Morality is one of the 10 main stats of Princess Maker 2. It shows how well behaved Olive is.

School/Job Effects Edit

School/Job Gain/Loss
Church work +1 per day
Tutor work +1 per day
Sleazy bar work -3 per day

Other gains/losses Edit

Events/Items/Misc Gain/Loss
Trading with P.D. Karl IV Drops to 0
Demon Pendant(Circe's Charm) Drops to 0
Mars' blessing +100 points
Fighting travelers/guards in adventures -15 per person
Serving an old man Random loss
Having A blood type +3 per month
Leather Dress -20 when worn
Spikey Dress -30 when worn
Demon Dress -100 when worn
Accepting the Old Dragon's proposal -30 points

Effects/Uses Edit

Stress tolerance: Edit

Morality directly determines how wound up Olive can get before turning delinquent. It shares this function alongside Faith, and if her Stress happens to be 10 points higher than whichever of those two stats is highest, she turns delinquent. To make her work efficiently, it's best to raise one of these two stats.

Resisting bad influences: Edit

Morality will reduce chances of Olive going on a date with flirty suitors or agreeing to work as a mistress for old men.

Marriages: Edit

Morality has a big impact on marriage endings. The player needs at least 30 points to get a generic marriage, as well as to marry the Prince. The player needs at least 100 points to marry the father. Below 30 points, a few special marriages are still possible: Olive can marry Cube, Lucifon, or the Dragon Youth.

Ending: Edit

Morality plays a significant role in the ending. It prevents Olive from getting most Sinful endings; in addition, it also determines what jobs she get and for a lot of high ranked jobs it affects her performance. Of note is that 500 or more points of Morality are needed for Olive to do incredibly well as a Ruling Queen.

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